Media Buying

3 Allocation Tactics to Optimize Paid Media Spend

Determining the correct timing and distribution of media budget is often an overlooked optimization lever but (as account segmentation and targeting continue to diversify) remains highly impactful for true digital success. Below are three useful, time-based strategies to consider during your next budgeting brainstorm to…
January 15, 2019

#Explained: Google Ads Audience and Demographics Targeting

Audiences are a group of users you can choose to target based on interests, intents and demographics. Google is expanding its ways to reach audiences on both search and display networks by providing more meaningful segments/categories. These segments look very similar to what we have…
December 29, 2018

7 Little Ways to Be More Sustainable Every Day

As humans, we have the power to make changes to our lifestyle that can help ensure a sustainable future for the generations after us. And here’s the thing—it doesn’t have to be an exhaustive transformation; it just requires some minor changes. We’ve put together a list…
December 3, 2018

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